• Trump worries NATO with 'obsolete' comment
    A statement by US President-elect Donald Trump that NATO is "obsolete" has caused "worry" in the alliance, Germany's foreign minister said.
  • US has tendency to violate its end of bargain: Commentator
    Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi has accused Washington and its allies of having done whatever in their power, over the past year, to throw a wrench in the implementation of the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but Iran’s vigilance has foiled all such plots. He said Tehran will not re-negotiate the JCPOA, adding that if US President-elect Donald Trump goes ahead with his campaign pledge to “tear apart the deal, Iran will burn it.”
  • CIA chief to Trump: Watch what you say!
    The outgoing Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan has warned Donald Trump to choose his words wisely, blasting the US president-elect for likening the intelligence community to Nazi Germany.
  • Activists kick off week of protests ahead of inauguration
    American civil rights activists have kicked off a week of protests ahead of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration with a march in Washington.
  • Trump to use ‘one China’ policy as leverage in trade talks: Analyst
    Incoming US President Donald Trump will only use his opposition to the “one China” policy as a bargaining chip in trade talks with China and to the extent that would not disrupt relations with Beijing, says a political commentator.
  • Trump says may scrap Russia sanctions
    US President-elect Donald Trump hinted that he may lift sanctions on Russia and won't stand by the "One China" policy unless Beijing improves its currency and trade practices.
  • US envoy: Wise for Trump to uphold Iran nuclear deal
    Outgoing US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said on Friday urged President-elect Donald Trump to preserve a nuclear deal between Iran and key world powers.
  • Chicago police routinely use excessive force: US Justice Department
    The police department in Chicago, Illinois, routinely uses excessive force and violates the civil rights of residents, particularly those who are black and Hispanic, according to a report by the US government.
  • US needs to be ready to confront Russia: Trump's Pentagon pick
    US President-elect Donald Trump's pick for the Defense Department, retired Marine General James Mattis, says Washington must be ready to confront Moscow, urging caution about working with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • US defense secretary pick says Iran deal will be enforced
    US President-elect Donald Trump's pick for the Defense Department James Mattis said on Thursday that the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is “imperfect” but must be enforced.
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