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Poverty impeding Global Sustainable Development
While nearly 1.1 billion people escaped extreme poverty between 1990 and 2013 because of strong economic growth that benefited the world’s poorest, "the number of people living in extreme poverty remains unacceptably high, with nearly 800 million living on or below US$1.90 per day," according to a new UN document.
Scholars examine ecological underpinnings of rural poverty
Deep in landlocked Africa, a miracle is unfolding. Less than a generation after a genocidal civil war left it in ruins, Rwanda is defying poverty traps that ensnare many other natural resource-dependent developing countries.
Risk of poverty in UK greater when father is sole breadwinner
Families in the UK who rely on a fathers’ earnings alone are at greater risk of poverty than other households, with average incomes stagnant for the past 15 years, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Japan's child poverty level improves
Japan's child poverty rate has improved amid a steady economic recovery, but experts say continuing support is vital to prevent social exclusion.
Climate change, poverty, migration: The new, Inhuman ‘Bermuda triangle’
World organizations, experts and scientists have been repeating it to satiety: climate change poses a major risk to the poorest rural populations in developing countries, dangerously threatening their lives and livelihoods and thus forcing them to migrate.
Poverty-related problems in Scottish classrooms up
Teachers have reported a surge in problems associated with family poverty, undermining efforts to close the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils in Scotland.
Number of Britons in long-term poverty rose in 2015
The number of people in the UK in long-term persistent poverty rose for the first time for three years in 2015, according to new data from the ONS.
Childhood poverty may predict heart failure in adulthood
Growing up poor might put you at risk for heart failure in adulthood, a new study suggested.
Universal basic income a bold, imaginative solution to poverty
Amplifying the call for a universal basic income, a United Nations expert has presented a report describing the idea as 'a bold and imaginative solution' at a time of growing economic insecurity.
Brexiters have voted for a poverty even worse than austerity
By William Keegan* When I suggested before the election that an ideal outcome would be a hung parliament and a coalition to think again on Brexit, I was certainly not thinking of the DUP. But, as Harold Macmillan once said: “Here we are, and the question is: Where do we go from here?”
BRICS to lead efforts to eradicate hunger, poverty by 2030
With the clock ticking toward the 2030 deadline for meeting the international goals to eradicate hunger and poverty, five of the world’s most important emerging economies are well positioned to take a leading role in helping to achieve these objectives, according to the United Nations.
UNICEF: 20% of children in rich countries live in relative income poverty
One in five children in high-income countries lives in relative income poverty and an average of one in eight faces food insecurity, according to the latest Report Card issued by the UNICEF Office of Research — Innocenti.
California’s kids are healthy but many live in poverty
Ambar Garcia, who lives just north of downtown Los Angeles, said she’s thankful her two daughters have health coverage through California’s version of Medicaid, the government program for low-income people.
China allocates more funding for poverty relief
China's central government has allocated another 30.7 billion yuan (about $4.52 billion) in funding to help people living in poverty, the finance ministry said.
American poverty is moving to the suburbs
In his inaugural address, US president Donald Trump listed out the problems he saw in a declining America. At the top of his list: “Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities.”

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