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Brexiters have voted for a poverty even worse than austerity
By William Keegan* When I suggested before the election that an ideal outcome would be a hung parliament and a coalition to think again on Brexit, I was certainly not thinking of the DUP. But, as Harold Macmillan once said: “Here we are, and the question is: Where do we go from here?”
BRICS to lead efforts to eradicate hunger, poverty by 2030
With the clock ticking toward the 2030 deadline for meeting the international goals to eradicate hunger and poverty, five of the world’s most important emerging economies are well positioned to take a leading role in helping to achieve these objectives, according to the United Nations.
UNICEF: 20% of children in rich countries live in relative income poverty
One in five children in high-income countries lives in relative income poverty and an average of one in eight faces food insecurity, according to the latest Report Card issued by the UNICEF Office of Research — Innocenti.
California’s kids are healthy but many live in poverty
Ambar Garcia, who lives just north of downtown Los Angeles, said she’s thankful her two daughters have health coverage through California’s version of Medicaid, the government program for low-income people.
China allocates more funding for poverty relief
China's central government has allocated another 30.7 billion yuan (about $4.52 billion) in funding to help people living in poverty, the finance ministry said.
American poverty is moving to the suburbs
In his inaugural address, US president Donald Trump listed out the problems he saw in a declining America. At the top of his list: “Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities.”
Half of India's children living in poverty
At least half of all children living in India are poverty stricken, according to a new Oxford study which found that the nation has the highest number of poor people among South Asian countries.
Breaking the wall of poverty: Catching it early on
Early brain development in children who come from adverse circumstances: Poor living conditions, temporary housing, or unstable families; are facing high chances of being unable to adapt to the outside world and lead healthy lives — a path that close to 30 percent of the city’s population have faced.
OECD: Universal basic income would fail to cut poverty
A universal basic income paid at a flat rate to all citizens would fail to reduce poverty levels in advanced economies and require substantially higher taxes to fund its simplicity, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has concluded in a detailed study of the idea.
Record 60% of Britons in poverty are in working families
A record 60 percent of British people in poverty live in a household where someone is in work, according to researchers, with the risk of falling into financial hardship especially high for families in private rented housing.
How some kids escape poverty
More than one in 10 American children spend more than half their childhood in poverty — that’s a whopping nine million kids. Most of these children, the majority of whom are African American, are trapped in a cycle of deprivation: As young adults, they’re unlikely to be in school or working, and their children will likely follow a similar path. But a small percentage manage to escape their circumstances and become economically successful.
Poverty may be more stressful for women than men
Women are more likely to be anxious when they live in a poor community than in a more affluent one, a new British study suggests. But researchers say the same isn't true for men.
No poverty in Bangladesh after 2024: Muhith
Poverty would no longer exist in Bangladesh after 2024, the country's Finance Minister AMA Muhith said in his speech at the 50th annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Yokohama.
IUN forum:To prevent child abuse, understand poverty
Most of Donna Beegle's loved ones can't read or write. She's the only member of her family who hasn't been incarcerated. She spent much of her early life homeless.

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