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China aims for 'carbon neutrality by 2060'
China will aim to hit peak emissions before 2030 and for carbon neutrality by 2060, President Xi Jinping has announced.
Google aims to run on carbon-free energy by 2030
Alphabet Inc.'s Google aims to power its data centers and offices using solely carbon-free electricity by 2030, its chief executive told Reuters, building on its previous goal of matching its energy use with 100 percent renewable energy.
'Carbon savings' from COVID-19 lockdown halve within weeks in UK
The UK’s carbon emissions have begun to rebound following the easing of COVID-19 lockdown measures, causing the “carbon savings” triggered by the coronavirus to halve within weeks.
New study of dead suns finds how life on Earth might not exist without them
Carbon. You might not think about it very much, but you wouldn't be alive without it. It's the main ingredient in organic compounds found in all living organisms on Earth, but exactly where carbon comes from has been a matter of some debate.
New super-light carbon nanostructure that is stronger than diamond
Scientists have found a new way to structure carbon at the nanoscale, making a material that's superior to diamond on the strength-to-density ratio.
Carbon emissions from fossil fuels could fall by 2.5b tons in 2020
Global carbon emissions from the fossil fuel industry could fall by a record 2.5 billion tons this year, a reduction of five percent, as the coronavirus pandemic triggers the biggest drop in demand for fossil fuels on record.
Finland’s net carbon sink contracted by 43% in 2017–2018
The Finnish government has a lot of catching up to do if it intends to reach its carbon neutrality goal by 2035, reported Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries
Satellites are key to monitoring ocean carbon
Satellites now play a key role in monitoring carbon levels in the oceans, but we are only just beginning to understand their full potential.
Scientists find glacial rivers absorb carbon faster than rainforests
In the turbid, frigid waters roaring from the glaciers of Canada’s high Arctic, researchers have made a surprising discovery: For decades, the northern rivers secretly pulled carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a rate faster than the Amazon rainforest.
Indonesia starts fund for carbon trading to meet emission goals
Indonesia plans to develop a market for carbon trading under a new agency formed to fund efforts to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction target under the Paris climate pact.
Scientists estimate 1.85 billion billion tons of carbon on Earth
There are 1.85 billion, billion tons of carbon on Earth, with more than 99 percent of it resident beneath our feet.
Just 9% of Irish consumers consider carbon footprint when buying
As few as one in 10 Irish consumers consider their carbon footprint when buying food.
Air travelers may have to pay carbon charge to offset emissions
Air passengers may have to pay an extra ‘carbon charge’ on flights as part of a UK government initiative to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle the climate crisis.
Industry and campaigners spar over South Africa's carbon tax
South Africa's new carbon tax has provoked a storm of criticism from environmental campaigners who say it is too weak — and from industry that predicts it will cause mass job losses.
Tracking carbon pricing initiatives around the world
A total of 57 carbon pricing initiatives are now implemented or scheduled for implementation globally, up from 51 in April 2018 according to the World Bank’s annual State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report.

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