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Forget austerity, this measure gives blessing for a fiscal fest
There's never been a better time to be deep in debt. A dearth of safe assets, low rates and central bank purchases are keeping bond yields low and are likely to continue doing so for years to come. But governments are missing out on this opportunity to finance investments, partly because of their focus on gross debt-to-GDP ratios.
Brexiters have voted for a poverty even worse than austerity
By William Keegan* When I suggested before the election that an ideal outcome would be a hung parliament and a coalition to think again on Brexit, I was certainly not thinking of the DUP. But, as Harold Macmillan once said: “Here we are, and the question is: Where do we go from here?”
Greece adopts more austerity measures in bailout bid
Greece's parliament has approved a new package of austerity measures needed to release the next installment of its multi-billion-dollar bailout.
Greek seamen, journalists strike against austerity
Greek seamen and journalists walked off the job Tuesday, a day before a nationwide general strike to protest new austerity measures the government is legislating for in return for more bailout funds.
Latin America abandons fuel subsidies in shift to austerity
Latin America’s major economies are phasing out expensive fuel subsidies as they shift to fiscal austerity in the aftermath of the commodities bust.
Saudi royal family continues opulent lifestyle amid austerity
Thousands of the Saudi royal dynasty members are continuing their lavish lifestyles as the country adopts tighter austerity measures to tackle its deepening economic crisis, a report says.
IMF denies it is trying to force more austerity in Greece
Senior International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials have rejected claims that the organization is seeking to impose more austerity on Greece, in a sign of tension over whether the fund will join the eurozone’s €86 billion bailout of the country.
Civil servants, police clash in Brazil’s Rio over austerity plans
Hundreds of Brazilian civil servant protesters have engaged in violent clashes with police forces at a rally against proposed government austerity measures in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
Greece rejects austerity measures beyond 2018
The Greek government has warned that the country will not accept an extension to its painful austerity program beyond 2018 to secure a bailout from international creditors.
Greek businesses move abroad to escape austerity
Greek businessman Prokopis Makris believes moving to Bulgaria three years ago was the best decision he ever made.
Portugal’s PM: Anti-austerity drive is boosting economy
Portugal is proving that there are successful alternatives to austerity for the eurozone’s struggling economies, the country’s socialist prime minister has said.
Greek government to submit new austerity bill to Parliament
Greece's government is to submit its latest austerity measures bill to Parliament within the day, with lawmakers to vote on the package of tax hikes and reforms Sunday night.
Greek labor unions to go on strike over fresh austerity cuts
Greek labor unions are set to take a three-day general industrial action to vent their anger at a new round of austerity measures demanded by international lenders under the cash-strapped country’s third bailout package.
Thousands to protest austerity cuts in London
Anti-austerity protesters from across Britain are set to stage a demonstration in the capital, London, to demand an end to the conservative government’s spending cuts.
Britain's annual budget shows more austerity
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne presented the British government’s annual budget, which contains more austerity measures, to the House of Commons Wednesday, saying the UK economy will grow more slowly than expected in 2016.

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