Hey stork, you’ve been slacking off — and U.S. health officials know it.
Americans keep having fewer babies
The benefits of ending child marriage are many — boosting a young girl’s morale and increasing her chances of education and work, and by that virtue, curbing high population rates in developing economies and boosting growth.
Ending child marriage could add trillions to world economy
Immigrants and refugees, especially those from developing nations, are often portrayed by segments of the media and policy makers as an economic burden, a threat to the host countries social cohesion and way of life.
Immigrant youth help to build nations
Millions lack access to quality education around the world — but how can the international community change this?
Education, a building block for sustainable peace
"If you’re born poor, you die poor," a UK politician lamented six years ago. Sadly, little has changed.
Yes, your parents’ status does influence your earning power
There are almost two-and-a-half times as many UK citizens living in Spain as Spanish citizens resident in the UK.
UK expats in Spain outnumber Spanish in UK
Frequent extreme weather and climate shifts pose a challenge to already vulnerable groups such as smallholder farmers in the developing world. Between 2004 and 2014, farmers are said to have endured the brunt of the 100-billion-dollar cost of climate-related disasters.
Insurance: A valuable incentive for small farmers’ climate resilience
The average ages of both South Korean men and women at the time of their first marriage have risen over the past decade, an industry report showed on Friday.
South Koreans' average marriage age rises
The head of two Montessori schools in New York won't let parents pay by credit card — but he is accepting Bitcoin.
Bitcoin accepted at New York pre-school
Angry protesters in the US state of Ohio have called on authorities to try for the third time a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black man in 2015.
Ohio protesters demand justice for black man killed by police

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