The nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six global powers last month was a landmark in the world's political history. It was an unprecedented process during which major powers sat down for talks with Iran for months in order to achieve a favorable result which was welcomed by many in the world. The opponents of the historic pact either regard it as detrimental to their interests or are under pure elusions.
Deal shows Iran's power, credibility
Last February, nuclear talks between Iran and world powers were foundering. The two sides had found common ground on the deal’s broad outlines, but the devil lay in the technical details.
Iran’s atomic czar explains how he helped seal the Iran nuclear agreement
President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel believes that the conclusion of Iran nuclear talks is far better than attacking the country or imposed sanctions.
Iran nuclear agreement superior to bombing, sanctions: Top Jewish Democrat
An article titled 'snapback' mechanism has been included in the UN Security Council resolution on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
Dutch disease recurrence, a major concern
The US seeks to change its foreign policies in the Middle East, especially those dealing with Iran. Such a political shift is the result of regional and global developments.
Prospects of Iran-US cooperation
Following the removal of Western sanctions, the government will require thoughtful and meticulous planning and effective management to stimulate economic growth.
Domestic infrastructures require foreign funding

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