By Fereydoun Majlesi * Political arena in the US faces a significant event; Hard-line Republicans being a majority in Congress have lost a game on Iran's nuclear deal against public opinion and moderate groups. Failure of the Republicans and opponents of the nuclear deal in achieving the required votes in the Senate is a great victory for public opinion and the US nuclear negotiators.
Day of victory for deal supporters
The government of President Hassan Rouhani entered into its third year in power with a new approach to diplomacy. The changes can be easily felt in the diplomatic field, contrary to the economic and cultural fields which would take more time. The incumbent government’s achievements can be easily assessed in comparison with its predecessors.
Mystery of Europeans' return to Tehran
By Hossein Tavakollian
Reforming NDF structure
The sad story of little Alan Kurdi, who died along with his 5-year-old brother and his mother at the Mediterranean Sea, captured headlines around the world last week, drawing global attention to the Syrian crisis. The three-year-old boy was washed up to the Turkish shore when the family drowned after piling onto an overloaded boat in Turkey heading for Greece.
Don’t miss diplomatic opportunity for Syria
Iran and Egypt enjoyed good relations in the past. A look at the history of bilateral ties shows that during the World War II when nationalist movements aroused, Tehran-Cairo ties were very normal.
Prospects of Iran-Egypt relations

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