The Perseid meteor shower will peak over the weekend, giving stargazers the opportunity to spot scores of shooting stars in the sky.
Perseid meteor shower set to peak at weekend
Boating through choppy waters can be an exciting but physically exhausting experience.
A smoother ride over troubled waters
Thanks to a new computer model, planetary scientists now have a better idea of the types of chemicals hiding beneath Neptune's icy surface.
Scientists predict chemicals hiding beneath Neptune's icy surface
The moon had a magnetic field for at least two billion years, or maybe longer.
Moon had a magnetic field longer than thought
With the total solar eclipse right around the cosmic corner, eye doctors are going into nagging overdrive.
Solar specs needed for safe viewing of eclipse
Across Europe, rivers aren’t flooding when they used to.
Climate change is shifting when Europe’s rivers flood
New research suggested the best way to minimize your pollution exposure on the commute to and from work is to crank the air conditioning in your vehicle.
Crank the AC, cut in-car pollution
What's made of sugar, can carry four people and travel at 50km per hour? A biodegradable car, whose inventors said could be the next step in environmentally friendly motoring.
Dutch students create own biodegradable car
Nearly 300 artificial intelligent (AI) specialists and representatives of over 150 robot enterprises will gather in Beijing from August 23 to 27 for the World Robot Conference 2017.
China to host world robotics confab
Scientists have created a variety of medicines using compounds discovered in the venoms of snakes, frogs, snails, jellyfish and other animals.
Lizard venom could yield blood clot treatment breakthrough

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