By Sherine El-Taraboulsi & James Firebrace
Time to rethink UK’s engagement with Saudi Arabia
By Julian Lee Aug 6, 2017
Trump's Dreams of Iranian Isolation
In 2012, gifted duo Asghar Farhadi delivered the first Iranian film to win an Oscar, the domestic drama 'A Separation'. He won again this year for his seventh feature, 'The Salesman', in the Best Foreign Language Film category.
'The Salesman', manifestation of suspenseful cinema
Over the past few weeks, Iran's petrochemical sector has been subject to many ups and downs, bringing about sweeping changes in the industry and international customers of its products.
China challenge changing Iran's petrochemical export destinations
By Hadi Khosroshahi*
Saudi plots against Iran
The US is flaunting its emerging energy prowess as a potential weapon as it draws a new line in the sand for global domination.
US in a gas war with Iran, Russia, own allies

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