The benefits of a good night's sleep have become widely known, and now neuroscientists at University of California (UC) San Francisco have discovered that the animal brain reinforces motor skills during deep sleep.
Deep sleep reinforces learning of motor skills
Singing? To benefit people with Parkinson's disease? It just may help, a researcher said.
Singing may benefit Parkinson's patients
Combatting aging and frailty is as preventable as heart disease and diabetes, scientists have claimed.
Social activities could be key to staying young, preventing illness
Many people who survive cancer fear recurrence after their treatment ends, according to a study that suggested these concerns may lead to unnecessary tests.
Cancer survivors may seek unneeded tests for reassurance
Experts believe it may be possible to ‘retrain’ immune systems to safely slow the advance of type 1 diabetes, following a new trial.
Diabetes: Retrained immune system may slow type 1 attack
A study by the American Cancer Society found that higher income individuals are more likely to be weekend warriors exercising just a few days a week.
Higher income people more physically active
Multiple sclerosis — also known as MS — is a condition which can affect the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms of the condition can be unpredictable.
Signs you could have MS
The number of children and teenagers with Type 2 diabetes has risen 14 percent in a single year amid a ‘hugely disturbing trend’ in youth obesity.
Over 600 UK children, teens have type 2 diabetes
Heart disease is known to be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking, but it could also be triggered by toxic metals found in certain foods, including rice, fish, mushrooms and bone broth.
These four foods can contain deadly toxic metals
Rheumatoid arthritis, a painful disease in which a person's immune system attacks the joints, appears to be more common among people in certain types of jobs, researchers suggested.
Certain jobs may pose higher rheumatoid arthritis risk

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