Recent anti-Iran remarks by US President Donald Trump had no adverse effect on the Iranian market and did not disturb it, Iran's vice-president for economic affairs said on Sunday.
No adverse effect on Iran market after Trump speech: Iran official
Globally, 108 million people faced food crises in 2016, compared to about 80 million in 2015 — an increase of 35 percent, according to the 2017 Global Report on Food Crises. Another 123 million people were ‘stressed’, contributing to around 230 million such food insecure people in 2016, of whom 72 percent were in Africa.
Hunger in Africa, land of plenty
Iran-Iraq business forum, attended by the two countries' trade officials started work in the Iranian capital on Sunday.
Iran-Iraq business forum kicks off in Tehran
The World Bank Group is aiming to develop new measures to enhance its financial capacity and have its board decide on them at its next spring meetings in April 2018, a spokesman for the institution said.
World Bank sets spring 2018 target to enhance financial capacity
South Korea is struggling to achieve its goal of three percent growth this year as skepticism grows over sluggish domestic demand and investment.
South Korea struggles  to achieve 3% growth target
Azerbaijan is seeking Iran's assistance in implementing Baku-Nakhchivan railroad project, said the chairman of Azerbaijan Railroads.
Azerbaijan seeks Iran's help in Baku-Nakhchivan railway project
Iran has imported a herd of Charolais cattle for the first time from France with the aim of complementing its red meat production chain.
Iran airlifts cattle from France to boost meat supplies
Pakistan's Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCE) has approved purchase of additional 100 MW electricity from Iran and directed the Ministry of Power to make immediate arrangements and to complete the spadework expeditiously, state media reported.
Pakistan approves purchase of additional 100 MW electricity from Iran
In the latest report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) there are strong signs of the significant role played by the non-oil sector in boosting Iran's economy.
Non-oil trade to play key role in Iran's economic growth
Iran exported 31,000 tons of quality durum wheat to Italy for the first time, in another sign that the country's food security drive is on target.
Iran exports macaroni wheat to Italy for first time

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