The data used to calculate the damage that an additional ton of carbon dioxide has on the global economy has long relied on outdated science.
Carbon's economic damage costlier than thought
Nearly one in four elderly Japanese convicts is reoffending and ending up back behind bars within two years of being released, according to new government figures.
Poverty of aging Japanese population fueling ‘silver crime’ wave
Almost two out of every three South Africans (65 percent) aged 16 or older are now connected to the Internet, while four out of every 10 access the Internet daily (42 percent).
65% of South African over age of 16 connected to Internet
Around 180 million children are more likely to live in extreme poverty, be out of school or suffer a violent death than their parents, according to UNICEF. The World Children's Day report suggested things could get worse.
Millions of children fare worse than parents
The risk of divorce is lower for rural coal-mining families, a recent study has suggested.
Rural coal families less likely to divorce
Climate change is a topic that is debated, doubted and covered by news outlets across the world.
Team studies evolution of climate change activism
It is often thought that a transition to a low-carbon economy requires an enormous increase of the use of metals like steel and copper and smaller amounts of critical raw materials.
Metal constraints for a low-carbon economy
There was never any ‘pause’ in global warming, new data showed, and the world is warming at a pace that scientists warn will be catastrophic.
Global warming carrying on at catastrophic levels
Geologists have warned that deadly earthquakes could become more frequent in the coming year and that they are likely to be caused by the slowing down of the Earth's rotation.
As Earth's rotation slows down, scientists predict more intense earthquakes
The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) has approved an emergency assistance grant to support disaster relief operations for earthquake victims in Iran.
An OPEC fund supports emergency relief for Iran earthquake victims

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