With the world having learnt who will steer Iran's government in the next four years, a large number of foreign firms have once again lined up to enter the country's 80-million-strong market, with the French car producer Peugeot and oil giant Total standing at the forefront of the queue as usual.
France's Peugeot, Total looking for stronger presence in Iran
As President Trump was being feted in the palaces of the Saudi royal family after concluding a historic arms deal, Iranians were celebrating the outcome of a hard-fought election. The vote manifested the determination of Iran’s electorate to continue on the path of moderation and constructive engagement based on mutual respect that brought the world the nuclear deal in 2015.
‘Beautiful military equipment’ can’t buy Middle East peace
US President's speech gives a green-light to authoritarian regimes in the Middle East to carry on torturing and oppressing minorities
Patrick Cockburn*
Donald Trump puts US on Sunni Muslim side of bitter sectarian war with Shias
By Sajjad Ebrahimi
Priorities of economic reforms
After winning the presidential elections, in a televised message, President Hassan Rouhani said: “I am committed to my announced plans and whatever I have declared [during the election campaign] and I will go forward with firm determination and your continued support.”
Rouhani, symbol of moderation and reconciliation
Assessments and reports by international organizations indicate an improvement in Iran's performance and ranking in most of the international economic indices during 2013-16.
Iran's global standing in 11 indices improved during 2013-16
Iran's capital market has witnessed a significant growth since President Hassan Rouhani assumed office in 2013, a report suggested.
Report: Capital market has grown under incumbent government

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