Europe has given the green light to a project to find habitable planets like Earth in other star systems.
Europe approves project to find Earth-like planets
Boeing is to begin testing self-driving aeroplanes in a move that will fly the company into the future.
Boeing using AI to fly into the future with autonomous planes
Researchers have built a new type of ‘neuron transistor’ — a transistor that behaves like a neuron in a living brain.
Neuron transistor behaves like a brain neuron
It is set to be one of the major science projects of the 2030s.
Europe selects grand gravity mission
New astronomical observations suggested a jet from a newborn star triggered the birth of another star.
Astronomers find star birth triggered by another star birth
French physics students investigated the mystery of why wheeled suitcases wobble and found a solution.
Scientists discover why wheeled suitcases wobble
A million-year-long period of extreme volcanic activity most likely paved the way for the dawn of the dinosaurs, a study suggested.
Volcanoes triggered dawn of dinosaurs
Researchers have built the first robot made of soft, deployable materials that is capable of moving itself without the use of motors or any additional mechanical components.
Researchers build first deployable, walking, soft robot
New analysis suggested the iris in the eye of a mouse doesn't need the brain's help to sense light and direct the pupils to dilate or contract in response.
Mouse eyes react to light without brain’s help
Scientists have identified the molecular building blocks essential to the formation of hair-like filaments called pili, which bacteria use for a variety of functions.
Bacterial 'hair' study could pave way for new antibiotics

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