Venus is often referred to as Earth's twin because both planets share a similar size and surface composition.
Venus's turbulent atmosphere
A technique called digital holographic microscopy, which uses lasers to record 3D images, may help scientists spot extraterrestrial microbes, according to a NASA's new research.
Holograms may help search for life signs in space
New analysis suggested dark matter is cold and heavy, not light and fuzzy.
Study suggests dark matter more cold than fuzzy
A team of researchers has developed a faster and easier way to make sulfur-containing polymers that will lower the cost of large-scale production.
Faster way to unlock a new class of polymers
New research suggested people with psychopathic traits aren't innately better liars but are better at learning to lie.
Learning to lie comes easy to psychopaths
For those who ever wondered what would happen if dogs could talk, they may soon find out as ‘pet translators’ could be available in an little as a decade.
Humans, dogs to have conversations within a decade as technology developed
Researchers at the University of Chicago have demonstrated, for the first time, that a key protein complex in the brain is linked to the ability of young animals to learn behavioral patterns from adults.
Bird songs provide insight into how developing brain forms memories
It all started when a Ukrainian programmer and aspiring rapper dropped a handful of hydrogel balls on his piping-hot pancake griddle.
Bouncing balls on a hot pan led to a new physics discovery
New analysis of ancient volcanic grains on the moon suggested the lunar mantle is surprisingly rich in water.
Astronomers detail additional evidence of water inside the moon
The world's first full-scale floating wind farm has started to take shape off the northeast coast of Scotland.
First floating wind farm emerges off coast of Scotland

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