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Published: 1021 GMT June 17, 2019

Minister: Culture is the thoroughfare between Iran and Turkmenistan

Minister: Culture is the thoroughfare between Iran and Turkmenistan

Culture is considered the thoroughfare between Iran and Turkmenistan, through which bilateral ties will be developed, Iran’s Culture Minister Abbas Salehi said in a meeting with his Turkmen counterpart Atagely Shamuradov on Monday.

He added that cultural common ground and geographic proximity help Iran and Turkmenistan develop their amicable relations, IRNA reported.

“According to the Supreme Leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Iran and Turkmenistan are related. We have lived next to each other for a long time,” said Salehi.

Salehi said that political relations between Tehran and Ashgabat are very good, and after President Rouhani’s visit to Turkmenistan, chances have become greater for friendly relations between the two countries.

“I’m very glad that we are holding Turkmenistan Cultural Week in Iran; such cultural events will strengthen ties,” said Salehi.

Expressing happiness over the fact that there are good cultural infrastructures, he added that Iran and Turkmenistan have signed agreements, based on which good conditions have been formed for cultural activities.

Salehi also said that in the recent floods that occurred in Iran, Turkmenistan showed that it has close relations with Iran.

“There are some big cultural figures that are important for both countries and commemoration ceremonies must be held and their literary works must be translated.”

Referring to the history of movie-making and long music history in Iran, he reiterated that culture can be main thoroughfare for relations between Iran and Turkmenistan.

Thanking Iran for warm hospitality, Shamuradov, the minister of culture of Turkmenistan, said that ties between the two countries date back centuries.

“We are interested in deepening relations and aim to receive Iran’s help in the fields of libraries, documents, theater, cinema, and television, and use Iranian professors and artists in Turkmenistan.”

The cultural minister said that cultural heritage, literature, music, visual arts and cinema are other cultural potentials for further bilateral ties.

He invited Iranian national music bands to perform in his country and Iranian filmmakers to jointly make movies with Turkmen ones.

A book of Mahmoud Farshchian, the world-renowned Iranian miniaturist, was given to Shamuradov as a gift.



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